Stacy Pulice
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Today’s educational system is broken.
My new book, Listen to the Children, shows that if we approach educating our children from a life
and soul affirming place, they will thrive.

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Our purpose is to nurture the psychological and emotional wellbeing of students and teachers to cultivate a passion for lifelong
learning and promote sustainable educational environments that develop the whole person using the innovative practices of the 4C's.  

care connection community choice


Care:  Demonstrating a humanistic, caring approach that fosters loving concern between educators and students and between the students themselves

Connection: Cultivating interpersonal connection in the classroom, which supports curiosity and openness to learning

Community: Assuring that students feel they belong to a community with shared positive values, which are emphasized as a crucial part of their education

Choice: Trusting and supporting students as they make choices and take risks to develop their passions