Stacy Pulice

Listen to the Children

“Now, more than ever, the core values of community, education, and love are vital to our well being and that of the planet. Listen to the Children explains how we can inspire healthy, loving relationships, cultivate the intrinsic motivation to learn, and build strong communities. - Brian McWilliams, Headmaster, Santa Barbara Middle School

"Stacy Pulice has written an essential book about love, the love of students and teachers, the love of a holistic education." - Dr. Jennifer Freed, Psychologist, Author, Speaker, and Co-Founder of the teen program Aha!

The premise of this book is that our current American educational system is similar to a colonizing power. It operates on the unacknowledged belief that children are like savages in need of taming and shaping. Children’s intrinsic resources—including imaginative freedom, curiosity, playfulness, and emotional openness—are perceived as either dangerous and in need of suppression or worthy only insofar as those qualities can be developed to serve the dominant culture. In other words, our educational system’s colonial mindset imposes the dominant culture’s value system, beliefs, and customs onto the less powerful “indigenous” population (children) so that they can be converted to the prevailing mode of thinking and behaving.

Listen to the Children offers a transformative alternative that’s based on the 4 C’s. It shows that if we approach educating our children from a life and soul affirming place, they will thrive.