Stacy Pulice
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About Stacy Pulice

Life begins with love, is maintained with love, and ends with love. Right now, while we’re alive, is the time to practice and express love. So please take care of your love. Love is capable of reaching so many people.
— Tsoknyi Rinpoche

As a psychologist, educator, author, and speaker, Stacy Pulice, Ph.D. is committed to creating a collective awakening and a heroic response to the climate emergency. Having spent over 20 years advocating for a more humanistic approach to education systems, her current work explores the connections between education and environmentalism, and the role of mindfulness and empathy in shaping a more sustainable world. Among numerous projects she has launched and led with a focus on fostering emotional intelligence in the classroom, she is the founder of Wisdom of the Fool, a 501C3 aiming to nurture the physical and emotional wholeness of educators and students; the educational consultant on the board of AHA!, a non-profit providing social and emotional learning programs for at-risk teens; and the Chair of the Education Committee for the USC Civic Engagement Board of Councilors. In her latest book, Listen to the Children, Stacy shows that children thrive when educated from a life- and soul-affirming perspective, using the innovative practices identified as the 4 C’s: Care, Connection, Community, and Choice. Applied to environmental advocacy, the 4 C’s are a means of promoting climate truth and fostering positive action in service of planetary healing. (Click to download PDF of Stacy’s C.V.