Stacy Pulice

The 4 C's

I originally developed the concept of the 4 C’s in the context of childhood education, outlined in my latest book called Listen to the Children. Their purpose: to nurture the psychological and emotional wellbeing of students and teachers, to cultivate a passion for lifelong learning, and to promote sustainable educational environments that develop the whole person.

Just as these innovative practices can create more sustainable classrooms, they can foster a more sustainable climate. Applied to environmental advocacy, the 4 C’s are a means of promoting climate truth and fostering positive action in service of planetary healing.


Demonstrating a humanistic, caring approach that fosters loving concern between educators and students and between the students themselves


Cultivating interpersonal connection in the classroom, which supports curiosity and openness to learning


Assuring that students feel they belong to a community with shared positive values, which are emphasized as a crucial part of their education


Trusting and supporting students as they make choices and take risks to develop their passions

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